Conference Organizers

  Faculty Organizers

Jaehong Kim

I am the chair for the conference, overseeing the overall conference execution, connecting all the dots and filling all the gaps, and leading various committees. Organizing a conference turns out as a lot more work than I originally thought, but it has been enjoyable and rewarding experience thanks to wonderful faculty and students who have been helping me out - listed below.

Menachem Elimelech​

I am the co-chair for the conference.  From discussions I have had and as you can read below, each of our environmental engineering faculty (including me), graduate students, and alumni is truly excited about hosting the AEESP Conference at Yale and having lively discussions on the future of environmental science and engineering.

Desiree Plata

As a conference program co-chair with Drew Gentner, I am looking forward to building a rigorous program that highlights the exciting advances in research “At the Nexus.” In addition, I hope that the technical program will inspire future research directions by identifying needs and synergies in the cross-cutting, interdisciplinary spaces we, as the AEESP community, are defining.

Drew Gentner

I am also a conference program co-chair, working with Desiree Plata. The theme “At the Nexus” should provide a great platform for excellent talks, and I look forward to learning more about research occurring at the interfaces of energy, environmental quality, health, and climate.

Jordan Peccia

I am organizing the conference workshops with Julie Zimmerman. I am especially excited about the Saturday workshop, where the AEESP membership will chart the grand challenges for Environmental Engineering research in the 21st century.

Julie Zimmerman

I am working with Jordan Peccia to organize the workshops at the conference.  The AEESP conference is one of my favorites because of the great community of colleagues and friends who attend.

Joseph Pignatello

I oversee the Activities Program. This year the activities program threatens to overshadow the scientific program, but that’s what fun-loving conference goers have come to expect. See you there!


 Student and PostDoc Organizers

Leanne Gilbertson

I am the head of the communications and registration team, managing all communication outlets and conference registration to ensure that you remain informed and up to date on all the conference happenings. I’m excited to experience the vibrant community and thought provoking conversations that will fill Yale’s campus.

Beza Getachew

As one of two webmasters, I manage our website and make sure that it provides the most up-to-date information about the conference. I’m very excited to be part of my first major Environmental Engineering conference! I’m confident that it will be an engaging, rewarding and inspirational event for all participants.

Tony Straub

I am the website co-manager and have been doing my best to make sure the site is stylish and up-to-date.  I am excited to see old friends, make new connections, and help everyone feel welcome in New Haven.

Anna Hagstrom

I am in charge of assembling the conference program and other printed media. I am excited about the line-up of speakers and workshops that Yale has assembled, and look forward to engaging and enlightening interactions with peers and experts from near and far.

Jamila Yamani

I am the social media face of AEESP. I utilize major outlets to inform and to excite attendees about everything we have planned for the conference. I think New Haven is a fantastic venue to host our field’s great minds, and I can’t wait to see how attendees will share in this city’s diverse culture.

Jay Werber

I am the communications assistant, working with various media outlets to help publicize the conference.  I look forward to seeing Environmental Engineering and Science come to life in some of the most beautiful, grand, and historic buildings here at Yale.

Devin Shaffer

I am the field manager, and I’ll be available to help presenters and attendees resolve any logistical problems that may arise during the conference.  I look forward to meeting new people in the field of environmental engineering and science.  Please don’t hesitate to ask for my assistance!

Chanhee Boo

I am an assistant field manager, and will work to resolve any field problems that the presenters and attendees may face. Like Devin, I’m excited to welcome all participants and look forward to meeting new colleagues working in environmental engineering and science during the conference.

Megan O’Connor

I am the Special Events Chair, working together with Yale to provide and organize the events we will be holding during the conference. I look forward to learning about the novel advancements in research that have been made at the nexus of science and environmental engineering.

Kyle Moor

I am a social events organizer, ensuring that attendees will have a fun, memorable experience outside of the strictly academic parts of this conference.  I am excited to host many from the environmental field and show them the special place that is New Haven.

Michael Giannetto

I am organizing the receptions in the nave at the Sterling Library and the Great Hall of Dinosaurs at the Peabody Museum. I can’t wait to meet environmental engineers from other schools and programs, and to welcome them to two excellent receptions that will showcase some of the finest that Yale has to offer.

Karen Dannemiller

I am the poster session coordinator.  I am looking forward to seeing all the excellent posters describing the cutting-edge environmental research occurring in the AEESP community.  I am also excited about the lively conversations that the poster sessions will undoubtedly inspire.

Amanda Lounsbury

I am an activities manager, organizing and planning activities to introduce conference goers to the great things New Haven has to offer, enhance networking, and promote a good time and close community outside of the conference.  I look forward to meeting some of the great people at these activities, and learning about the great science occurring in our field.

Brian Drollette

I am also an activities manager in charge of coordinating events outside of the conference. I am looking forward to some great activities, meeting new people, and making new connections in our field of environmental science and engineering.