Re-Thinking Wastewater Treatment at the Nexus of Energy, Climate Change, and Resource Recovery (WLH 119)

Description of Workshop: Objectives of the workshop will be: (1) to enhance collaborative interaction within the community of scholars working on wastewater treatment in the context of decentralized systems, water-energy, climate change, and resource recovery; (2) to collaboratively prepare a concise summary of the most important ways that wastewater treatment affects, and is affected by, related systems, with emphasis on energy, climate change, and resource recovery; and (3) to collaboratively develop (and, perhaps, to prioritize) a list of knowledge gaps and major research questions that confront us as we re-think wastewater treatment for the remainder of the 21st century.  Questions might relate to issues such as source separation, de-centralized treatment, energy-neutral or energy-positive wastewater treatment, recovery of N and P from centralized treatment, novel biological processes, load management strategies, emission of greenhouse gases from wastewater treatment facilities, potable re-use of treated effluent, etc….More

Location: WLH 119

Intended Audience: The workshop is aimed at participants (faculty, scientists, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, industrial practitioners) who are actively engaged in research on wastewater treatment at the nexus of one or more other systems/topics, principally energy, climate change, and resource recovery.

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Session Time: 
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm